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school and other stuffs
Friday, April 3, 2009 | 1:52 AM | 2 Swiftlings
I just wanna write bout school and some other stuffs that happened.....
school has been great as usual...
after 2 weeks of holiday..... cuz my dearest grandfather passed away. he died at age 97 yrs old...... now I can't listen to him saying his joke no more...... the last time I did was before I went to Libya. that is life.... we come and go..... whoever wants to see his pic... its on my cousin's blog, Ika.
enough of the sad story.... time to talk about school...

school is much more busier than usual..... with the usual stuffs we do... and also the play....
I'm as Alison in the play. The goodie school children... he3....
The play is called Panto Pandemonium.
Its about a wicked witch trying to ruin the panto.
And the school children will help the good fairy to find all the three object which are:
1)the goose from Jack and the Beanstalk(Hasan)
2)the lamp from Aladdin(Ayoob K)
3)the slipper from Cinderella(Faria)

This play also needs singing.... boy, how I'm excited about that!!!!
it makes me feel like we're in HSM, the only thing thats different is that we're not in high school yet :) ha3...
But I hate it when some of them do not want to participate nicely.
For example, Aladdin. He's suppose to sing with us in the "WHAT WOULD YOU WISH" song.
And what did we get, with slumber he says to Miss Pamela:
"Miss, I don't sing"
OMG!!!! like we do??? for goodness sake Aladdin(Ayoob K) try to be supporting for once!!!!!
This is OUR PLAY!!!! don't let Miss Pamela change you with someone from 6A!!!!
But I don't mean I don't want them to be in our play... its just...... Miss Pamela wanted US to be in the play... she's really excited about this.... all she want is us having fun in this play.... she'd be really sad if she found out people from the other class are SOOOOO much more excited then us, don't you think???

ARGH!!!! how hard it is to co-operate with boys!!!!
They just want to have free time, playing STUPID football in the middle of the hot sun. Yes!!! I said stupid cuz I'm really mad at them!!!!

Well at least some of the boys are co-operating like:
2)The goodie children boys(Karim, Mert) except Hammas cuz he doesn't know his part well.

but still... the ones who are not co-operating.... YOU BETTER START NOW!!!!!!

the ones who are from my school who are reading my blog.... I'd like to wish them a happy spring break.

Bye for now.....