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Thursday, October 29, 2009 | 7:59 AM | 6 Swiftlings
today was sports day.
TIRED although i didn't participate much. only football!!! :D
imagine me, playing football!!! :D :p
it was the first thing, soo kena lah tunjuk semangat kan?
but everytime the ball comes to me, run awaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!! XD
then it got bad.
you see, i've got one weakness.
i like adoring people.
but they don't even like me!!!!
remember when i talked about noor,
i said she reminded me of karim....?
that made me like her...............
but today... she really pushed it!
calling me a drama queen????????

let me tell u smthng, miss noor,
look at the mirror,
fix urself b4 telling sm1 anythng like that,
cuz to every1, FYI, ur a show-off!!!

ok? get that???

and thnx for ruining my sports day. it might be my last one tooo!!!!!!!!!