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Friday, February 12, 2010 | 5:13 AM | 3 Swiftlings
AHA! We meet again, blog!

Pretty crazy words for a starting ,after a long time not writing, right? :D well I used to like writing in my blog... I still do... just not that much anymore...

Maybe because I have tons of homeworks to do,tons of tests to study for since I started highschool =(

I still manage to be active in Facebook, but not in other things.

So, why start now? Good question. Maybe because.... I'm bored XD
2nd term exams are coming up, but I still don't feel like studying. Ok, i know, thats bad! I'll get on with that later.... :P

Lets get on with the real story I wanted to talk about.

I just finished watching the movie "Inkheart"(thnx hakem! =D)
Great movie, loved it. This movie is actually went out LAST YEAR... I'm sure you guys have watched it already, but I live in Libya, theres no cinema here. Plus, at that time, we(my family&I) didn't even discover the places where they sell new movies...

Pathetic, I KNOW!

Anyways.... If you've watched it, then you'd obviously know what the movie is about.

I have a very good imagination...

So in the middle of the movie... I thought to myself.... "If I had the ability of what Mo and Meggie has....." and the "merepekness" begins XD

Wanna know what I'd do?(I'd tell you anyway :P)

I'd read Twilight out loud(but first I'd have to borrow from hakem first :P)and make the important characters appear! :D(Edward,Bella,Jacob,etc etc)

WAIT!! I don't want them to appear, I wanna go into the book... So I'd have to write and read. what a drag! -_-"

anyways... when I get into the book... I'd stay away from the leeches and go to the wolves! =D

I'll try to get close with the handsome one(Jacob of course! :P)and try to be his... well... best friend. I'll make him forget about the stupid leech lover! :P

and if he still won't forget about the leech lover...
then he's as STUPID AS BELLA!

Jake please don't choose the stupid leech lover... or else I'd have to lie to myself and call you stupid instead of cute! =(

yaaa... i know i'm crazy... but, hey, is it wrong to have such great imagination? :D