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sorry sorry sorry
Sunday, February 21, 2010 | 4:58 AM | 2 Swiftlings
i'm sorrrrryyy!!! i read ur status on fb. even if its not about me, I'm sorrryyyyy!!
reasons why i was anti-social on that nite

1) i was tired
2) i was thinking bout the examz(i didn't study, not one little bit!)
3) u guys wanted to play FOOTBALL! i suck at sports + u didn't tell me earlier that u were goin to play spin the bottle nxt, i could've went!!! =( thats my fav gammeee!!!!

nxt time if ur standin nxt to me just say hi,:P saya budak blurrrr... i don't look at peoples faces! XD

SORRY!!! right from the bottom of my heart =)

Farah =(