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hey you! =)
Tuesday, July 27, 2010 | 4:30 AM | 0 Swiftlings
hellluuuuu!!! :D
man I haven't written in my blog in a LONNNGGGG timeee!!!!
a friend of mine who I call Mr. Tikus and my cousin Ika convinced me to write again :D
I have loads to write about...
for now I'll just start with what happened very recently... yesterday :D :P
since summer break started, I don't get to see my friends a lot...
so yesterday, my friends, Dorcas, Sara B, Noor, Maida and all her sisters came over to my house :D though I really wished Cella and Sara N could come :(
we watched movies, played games and also kareoke! xD and ofcourse, ate :)
we had funnnn, but I was really mad at Noor 'cuz she called me a coward.
Its all 'cuz of tht stupid thing tht happened to Sara which was my fault but they never seem to forget it! Why is it tht whn it's my fault no one can forget but when its someone else's fault they forget it easily?
anyway I didn't want to create a fight so I let it go. I'm still mad at her though!
that sort of spoilt the dayyy, but Dorcas made it all better :)she gave me beautiful earrings :) thnx Dodo! :)
she always makes my day better, she's my BFF in Libya :)
sadly she's moving!!! That suckz!!! :( I wish she could stayy :(
whenever I call someone my BFF they end up leaving me!!!
I think I'm gonna stop calling people my BFF, what do you think?