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Thursday, July 29, 2010 | 4:52 AM | 2 Swiftlings
hey! =/
i have a lot to tell. first I'll start with wht happened yesterday.. i'm shortening it 'cuz Im a bit lazy and no one is commenting! =(

woke up early, went to the hospital, got results, no diabetes, went to a restaurant... yummmy spaghetti with shrimps, salads and super delish mushroom soup with real mushrooms tastes like milk+cream+mushroom yummmyyy!!! then went to repair watch and finally went home.

this is why the title is ugh.

texted with dodo...
thennn... turns out s liked k!!!

i didnt know thisss!!!
she likes to tease me abt me "crushin" k!!!
if i knew this i couldve threatened her not to tease me!!!'
'cuz thts the whole point i think k is running awayy frm meee!!!

anyway dodo made me promise not to threaten her/tell anyone abt this.

i can't believe you made me do tht dodoee!! :(

and i cnt believe u guys keep juicy secrets frm meee!!

also found out j like s. bt s doesnt like him. tht wasnt suprising as the previous storyyy..

dodoeee!!! =<

cute rite? and those words are so true.