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birthday present? :)
Wednesday, August 25, 2010 | 9:01 PM | 0 Swiftlings
even though my birthday is at the end of the yearrr... still months awayyy...
i've been thinking...

if i don't get a phone for my 14th birthday,

i don't really mind 'cuz it would be unfair to my mum, she needs it more than i do.

soo.. instead of getting the Satio i wanted...

my parents could simply buy me Taylor Swifts album :D
itu punn harddd too gettt!! we're in Libya not America.

maybe I can find it at Burj Laila

thts where my dad bought the Facebook CD...

i don't think they'd have her new upcoming album "Speak Now" though...

hmm.. its alrite... as long as it's Taylor Swift's album <3

Taylor Swift, YOU ROCK!!
Your songs are AWESOMEEE!! Youu inspiree mee!!! :)))

keep up the fantastic workkk!! <3

she's seriously gorgeous ritee???
Taylor Swift,
ILY =) <3