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lalalalalalaaaaaaaa :D
Sunday, September 19, 2010 | 4:00 AM | 0 Swiftlings
Eee... lama tak update blog :)

Sooo... raya in Libya has been gone a long time ago...
Nowww... i'm just resting at home... waiting for school to start. it's been like what, 3 months+ since summer break started? I am so bored!

Theres been some drama about when school starts. 21st? 22nd? 223rd? Turns out school's starting on the 26th, next Sunday! My school is just so crazy. other schools started a long long time ago. I guess they should've changed the title "Bestest School in Libya" to "Laziest School in Libya" or maybee.... "The Oldest School in Libya" -_-"

That's what you get for being stuck in North Africa >.<

Let's move on to the next story :) The past 2-days I was at Sarah's house. I finally got baba's permission to sleepover at her house ;D yayyy!!! That's totally like a miracle :) Too bad that she's leaving for Jakarta in another 2 months :( so that was the first and last sleepover we're gonna have :(

Anyway... the point I got invited to sleepover was to take care of the super-cute-little-dude, Imran and to go shopping with Sarah. But guess what? both of those things didnt happen.

Oh well, we had fun anyway... right after she picked me up at my house, we went to Sabratha to watch "The Fire of Anatolia" a live dancing performance. Its so freaking cool to be sitting in an amphitheater that dates back to the Ancient Roman Times!(I've visited Sabratha before, but this time there's a show and its waaayy much more clean and beautiful cuz the diplomats are also attending, PFFT!)

the theater. crdits to aunty Azleena, she's an awesome free-lancer. :)

tengah besh2 download gambar, internet buat hal >.<

takpela, nanti Farah download gambar2 in another post kayh? :D

ok ok.. farah sambung balik cerita tadi.

that live show was awesomee!! it was longgg though.

soo... the next day... Sophia (Sarah's super cute sister) woke us up. We washed our faces, brushed our teeth then went to play Wii.. we played the singing game. so funn! :D we didn't take a bath yet, so we changed to our swimming suits (or in my case, t-shirt and track suits) and jumped into the pool! LOL. the water was icy cold!!!! after that we took a sort-of shower and had a soap fight using our shampoo xD then after drying up, we went to play moreee wii! hehe... :D

we had yummy bihun sup for lunch which Aunty Hawa, Sarah's mum made and we had dinner at Iwan's Restaurant. yummy calamare, pizza and hotdog. :D

the last day... we did the same things. mught be boring for you guys... but super awesome for Sarah and I :D this time, before aunty Hawa sent me home, we went to 02 for lunch and ate Pancakes with maple syrup and "Croque Monsiour" apa tuu? sandwhich laa! with salami and melted cheese. Justtt delicious! :D

the sleepover just made my whole summer. thanks Sarah! :)

sorry guys, my entry is longgg... hope you guys enjoy it thoughh :)