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quick update :)
Friday, October 8, 2010 | 3:14 AM | 0 Swiftlings
hey y'all.
sowiii lama tak update!
ini pun just a quicky onee since ive got a bundle of to do and tests to study for.

2 weeks of school has passed.

2 seriously HOTTT teachers!!! -Mr.Barry and Mr. Liam, my Physics and P.E teacher!!!

siapa kata duk kat north africa tak dpt cikgu encem2 or kawan encem2 n lawa n international school sucks??? mengaku cepat! this is libya babe. i dont live in mudhuts. (bukan nak besar ati ek, if u knw me u'd knw im the most rendah diri girl like, ever! im just trying to get things straight)mitsubishi is like proton to them and u get my point. the people here are not all black. and ugh, dude, kalau black pun, stop being suchh a racist, hitam tp hati baik wo! putih n lawa kalau ati mcm... ohh u gett me rightt?

anyway... continue pasal cikgu super freakin hot.

like, OMG! so freakin cutee!!! xD :D every girl in school agrees :D

anywayy... we're bck to girls and boys again. ohh well :(

1 week with the girls brought us together :)

wish we nvr had to change bck to normal :(

moving on.

happy-1-day-early birthday Hakem! just incase i dont get to use the internet tommorow,

even though you forgot me... Doesnt mean you mean less to me. you're still my malaysian/japanese(hakem jgn marah tauu... thts a compliment!) boy-best-fwen (baik kan aku forgive dia?)

have fun celebrating it in Reading, I'll give you "HAKEM IS 14" card when you get here in December =) (again, baik kan akuu? arent i your bestest girl best fwen u ever had? SAY YES OR ELSE!)

ABAIKAN the things in bracket yer.

LOVE YAAA!as a fwennn laa :)

Farah :)