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yellow :)
Friday, December 17, 2010 | 3:30 AM | 3 Swiftlings
bon jourrr =) how are you guys todayy? hope you guys are enjoying yourrr vacations :) mee? the past 2 days has been super cold because raining-ice here in Libya, so I'm freezing.
I haven't update in a longggg time, the only reason i'm updating today is because of myyy lovely cousin Ika and my fwenn Hakem :) <3 u guyss !

OMG my blog is sooo freakin ugly. I'm badd at editting my blog, unlike all myy other blogger fwenz. soo can anyone of you kindhearted-super-hot-bloggers wanna help me out?

winter break started. -parent-teacher meeting. My parents wanted to go, but then like I said, it rained andd we don't have a car soo they didn't gooo.
We got our results for the 1st Term Exams, I got honourr roll againn. I really want a Principle's listt but ohh well, better luck in 2nd termm =(

I got myy-early-birthday-gift from my parents, a bunch of new clothes, Yayy :) -wanted a new phone 'cuz myy redd one is in the I.C.U, suffering from massive head injuries xD, but myyy daddd said "youu don't deserve a new phone! look at what you did to your last one, which is only 1yr old!"...

justt kidding, he didn't sayy that, my mum did =P i never told him that my phone is in the I.C.U, he found out by himself, he saidd nothingg =( he borrowed me his 10-yr-old blue phoneeee =( that's what you get when you don't take care of yourr phonee! =(

Rougeee I'm sorryyy =(
May Rouge Rest In Peace. :D :P sorry i "accidently" smashed you. no hard feelings k? <3

and Rose tooo.

hehe... today I went to Souq Thalat
thenn when we went upstairs to the phone shop to buy credit, baba asked meee "nak yang mana satuuu???" *this maybe because he read this draft tht i wrote, i wanted to post all this the day b4 yesterday but i had to eat, when i went upstairs he was there, readinggg what i wrotee!
hahah :D
antara N97 orrr Sony Ericsson Satio. but baba didn't buy me right away. plus i don't want to rush. 'cuz if i do i end up not liking the phonee.

sooo right noww im multi-tasking. chatting, facebooking, writing a post and researching phones xD

dahsyat kann kann? :D

oh well sambung laterr :) dh mlm dh skrg niii, nitee =)

picture taken:the day before yesterday.
currently my fb default pic :)
yela thu saya tak lawa. sajer ltk pic ni :)

peace :)