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2011 :D
Thursday, February 3, 2011 | 11:06 PM | 4 Swiftlings

i knw, its a month already, but better late than never rite? :D

lets see whatt i rrmbr frm 2010...

school finished, which meant i ws no longer in grade 7. Summer break started.

went bck to malaysia and had tons of fun in june(or was it july?),

met this awesome malaysian girl, sarah, who had to cme frm houston to libya. Had a sleepover at her house, totally awesomeee :) bt then she had to move to singapore, she was happy ofcourse, no one likes bein stuck in libya, except me :) sarahh u rmmbr in the sleepover u said u'd txt me b4 u leave? U didnt. Jst like hakem didnt. :/

thenn on the 31st of august=2yrs in libyaaa. kejap jer rasanyerr.

Then puasa, rayaaa. Raya dkt rmh aunty hawa, sarah's mum b4 they left. Along with the rest of malaysians in tripoli, which includes kakak2 dan abg2 KUIS yg dtg sini kursus bhsa arab (eh, ye ke? Not sure)
LOL played uno with all those big bro's and sis x) raya pun main uno? :D definitely the best raya in libya. :)
Fun fun funnn! wished my brothers were here though :/ siapa tnya farah dok sini x rindu abg2? Ofocz la, without my 2 big awesome bro's this house is empty, which is why i like to act all crazy at home so i dnt get lonely :)

raya ws also the last time i saw hakem b4 he went to uk.

then in december 10 days before my birthdayyy, i got my phoneee whihc im using now to update my blog 'cuz hakem keeps on bugging me to update :) N97. howw lovely. i hve no idea why i got my birthday present early and i didn't bother to ask. the nxt day angah emailed baba and told him tht his phone broke, so he needed a new one. so baba sent him the money to buy a new one. guess which one he picked? N8 kotttt >. < xper laa, slma ni farah spoilt brat so he totally deserves it. and im not complaining 'cuz once upon a time my N97's was everywhere until adiknyer N8 keluar >.< sooo i loveee my N97 :) dunno why im so obsessed over phones. probably 'cuz my fwens at school have iPhones sooo... peer pressure x) klau ikutkn diaorng mmg hbislh baba. but still, i loveee myy life and i dnt wnt to be too spoilt as i am :p nnti bila cam craziness melanda pujuk baba bli DSLR pulak, not for moi, for family laa. MUAHAHAHA. Ye la, klau blik malaysia dnt even dream of askin baba anythn, bt whtever, lets get on with the story :)
klau rasa menyampah bca blog farah, sila la tekan butang 'x' to yerr.

i also got birthday presents frm myy friends too :)

hakem cme bck here for winter break.
One dayy someone 'belled' our house, i ws upstairs, my dad opened the door to find hakem with a caracalla bag.
Guess what was in tht bag?
Well, my bday gift ofcourse.

Awwhh, he gave me 3 awesome books and a box of chocolates :) thnks hakemmm :) i'll upload the pic ltr, cnt do it now since im not usin blogger for phone.

The nxt time i saw him was whn we had an open house baba&mama invited aunty faezah n family to our house :) we talked talk talk while the grown ups wtched My Namee is Khan, which is an awesome movie, btw. MY NAME IS KHAN, AND IM NOT A TERRORIST! LOL!

whn i got bck to school after winter break, sara bakri gave me earrings frm reserve naturelle. :) maida gave me a dancing duck x) andd sara naas gave me a seriously cutee plushie, tigger frm winnie the pooh :D itu jer kott? anyhoo, i lovee all these awesome people who took the effort to buy me smthn, ucpn happy birthdayy pun dh good enough for mee 'cuz it shows youu rmmbr my bdayy :)

anyways, we didn't celebrate much, baba's friend got me a cakee :) went to a restaurant, ate and went to uncle sobri's house, new years eve kann?

Soo thts all abt december. More like all abt my birthday. Those are the only things i rmmbr in 2010 besides hvin fun with my friends in school and spending time with my family :)

oh yaa... i also found out taylor swift's speak now album is cmin out during 2010, sadly i still dnt havee it now since im stuck in libya. :( ika dh belii dah, farah jer x dpt lgi.. oh well.. :( tnggu along angah dtg sini insyaallah, ask them to buyy for mee :/

my fave 2010 song is Mine, by taylor swift ofcourse, but you belong with mee is still my all time fave :)

so todayy iss the 4th of February, 2011, also known as: my mama's birthdayyy :)

happy birthday mama, thnk you for being such a greatt mum.
My mama has done everythng for me, i cnt thnk her enough. She's a great cook, she is the most patient person i've ever met, nvr complaining hvin to do all the work, mama, I LOVE YOU, happy birthday :)

soo when i get to use the internet i'll upload all the pics :) have a nicee weekenddd :)