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diva oh divaa...
Thursday, October 13, 2011 | 12:56 AM | 0 Swiftlings
hi! :)
so I'm finally blogging again. I don't really know why...
oh wait.. I do actually :P

why am I blogging again?

1.PMR is over
2.My internet connection is finally okay
3.I'm super duper bored!

I'm not bored enough to decorate my blog though... I'll do that when I get UniFi because I want to decorate my blog smoothly... (wekk... that's just an excuse. I'm too lazy to do so. besides, why decorate my blog if no one's going to read it?)

It's been 9 days since PMR ended... how did I do? don't ask. I think I did a terrible job.

when I go home on that 4th of October, I went to get my lappy. Then I was dissapointed because the internet wasn't working... oh well :(

so I spent all my time reading the new books I bought and also PSP-ing ;)

the next few days I still had to go to school :(

then I realised... Something was soo wrong.

all the girls in my class seemed like they hated me.

I don't know why... Maybe I did something wrong? said something wrong? I honestly don't know...

Farah Shahierah, who was once-upon-a-time my bestie, stopped talking to me.
I hate this. I really do. I loved being friends with her. I was always cheerful when she was around. You see, Farah was the kind of girl who'd really laugh-out-loud, people would call her "gedik" but I think they're just jealous because she's pretty. She's awesome.

So hey Farah, I'm sorry for whatever I did. I just want us to be friends again. :(

then comes the other girls. The Mai Trio, Intan, Nurill and.. Farhana.

well.. I don't really know what to say. Sorry? for whatever I did? I'm pretty sure I did a lot of things that might have offended you guys. but sometimes I don't do it on purpose... I don't know why but, ever since I got back to Malaysia, seems like I've become a bit rude? or "mulut lazer"? IDK, you guys tell me.

Right now I'm friends with Nadila in the class.. She has similar problems like mine. she's cool. :)

back to the point.
You guys, I'm sorry if I did anythng wrong. I didn't mean it.

Maafkan saya yer? next year kita mungkin tak jumpa lagi... and I don't want you guys to remember me as the girl you hated :(


Today, was the best day after PMRs so far. not so stressful, not so lonely anymore :)
why? because I hanged out with the DIVA's haha :D
that would be: Era, Jijah, Suriaaa, Reeenaaa <3
I lalalalove you guys! :)
thanks for making this week awesomee <3 :)