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dum dum dum.
Sunday, October 16, 2011 | 7:24 AM | 0 Swiftlings

*this was supposed to be posted on suday, at 11.30 pm, but since my stupid internet crashed Im posting it now.

cheers to the freakin' weekend.
I'd drink to that, yeah yeah.

ehh? whatthefudge? haha

it's sunday. ut it's 11.30 pm :P so It's almost the end of weekend. DARN IT. why do weekends fly?

hey weekend. Imma cut off your wings so you wont fly.

haha. tak lawak pun :P

so anyways, how was your weekend? (like anyone's gonna answer this)

mine was, normal.

went to Alamanda. saw my fwenz. they were about to have the best day after PMRs while I miss out. why? 'cuz my daddy wont let me join.

actually, I didnt even ask him. 'cuz I already knw the answer.

you guys are lucky you dont have to be the malaysian version of rapunzel. I told Mr. TieFixer (who's this? you'll know soon)that I'm the Malaysian version of Rapunzel, and I made fun of myself. why?

cuz he said "you dont have long golden hair. and you don't have an evil mum"

darn it. Why do I always make myself look like a total fool when I'm with him? must be the crush thing....

so anywayy..

they had the time of their lives. while I just got stuck with my parents.

oh well... I don't like them anyway...

sorry Mr. Domo... (who's thiss???)

oh and I got a haircut. and I lalalaloveee itt <3

that was what made my whole weekend better.

that's all. hope you guys had an awesome weekend, unlike me.

Peace \m/