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lalalala :)
Tuesday, October 18, 2011 | 8:04 AM | 0 Swiftlings

*the picture above was taken using my webcam, back in Libya when I was cheerful crazy old Farah ;( miss this!

hoho hehe huhu
ehhh? haha sorry I'm being weird again :D

I'm super duper bored. Esok tak pergi sekolah. YAY :D

why? sebab cikgu kate esok kitorang colour2 jer esok. mcm budak tadika kan? tapi best apa jdi bdk kcik sekali sekala? haha :D

wait, I'm always acting like a little girl hehe :D

Arini kitorang main Saidina jer...

we played for 3hours! dhlh dok atas bench, sakit derriere ku! hahah :D I still lost, like I always do. smlm main menang plk, bile competition kalahhh ;(

main dgn some of the divas', Era and Suria.

Suria won. Congratz girll! ;)

oh whatevers.

guess what I'm doing now?
wait dnt guess, let me just tell you hehe :D

Facebooking, twitter-ing, and blogging ofcoz.

right now I'm reading Sarah and Dania's blog, why? because it's always just so interesting.

okay, no, I'm not a kiss-up, but I just love their blog. It's pweety amazing. don't believe me? check it out. look at hookups on the left and click on their name. everything they do is awesome

oh and I'm loving the song to!o (whyy the heck is mine not working??) addicted to it now :D LOL thanks for killing my boredom guys :P

*okay now I just sound like I'm obsessed with them, which Im not :P I should stop :P

okay laaa.. enough weirdness. Toodles ;)