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Of Bestfriends and Love. Part One.
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 | 6:15 AM | 0 Swiftlings
okay, first of all, I'd like to say sorry for posting this super duper late. I kept on saying this post is special, but it's jst an excuse 'cuz Im too lazy to update -.-

So today, since Im super bored and tht my bros' are away (meaning I have the broadband to myself) I decided to write this and get over it. :)

I've moved around alot. My KG years were in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I went to an international school, and that's where I met my very first BFF :)

I was around 6 years old that time, (I went to school late)

I remember not having friends because I couldn't speak english :O but then I eventually spoke that foreign language and made some friends.

But then one day, there was a new girl, from Canada, got into our class. (KG2 at that time.) Her name was Felisha. and she's a Muslim :)

even though she was from Canada, she couldn't speak English. she was in the same situation as me, when I just moved into that school.

So I decided to make her feel welcomed. and in the end we became friends :) BFFs actually, even when there was a parent teacher meeting, Mrs. Bartz mentioned that I should make other friends than Felisha. we were inseparable.

but then one day, she called me, and said she had to go bck to Canada for good. I was super duper sad. she gave me her email, which turned out to be fake. or my mum wrote it wrong, I have no idea, but I was devastated. oh well :( Tragic right?

I don't have a pic of her, but I'll just describe her to y'all. I think she was African-Canadian, had curly hair and such a cute face.

Felisha, wherever you are right now, thanks for being my first best friend. :)

It didn't last forever but I still love you :)

I had other bestfriends after her, but if I had to mention every single one of my besties, this post will never end :P so I'm just mentioning the special ones :)

after 3 years of school in Riyadh, on 2006, I went back to Malaysia. I got into a school in Precint 9, Putrajaya.

name of class: 4 Ipomea :D

In this school, I met a lot of awesome people. including my very first Malaysian bestie.

Her name is Dania Syahirah binti Zakry. *haha, name penuh tuuu ;)
She's so freaking pretty right? :) She's smart too, and creative! She got me through my grade 4 days. Seriously, whoever gets to be her bestfriend is veryyy lucky. She's just : awesome.
our friendship kinda ended in a tragic way too, but she's just kindhearted enough to forgive me.

Dania, I love youu! :) if you need anyone to talk to, I'll be here :)

Okaay, next bestie. She came during grade 4 too, and she became my bestie almost right away.

*this pic was taken at her current school in Precint 11.

Since Dania and I had a little crisis with all the budak-bajet-gangster (Dania, awk thu siape kan?) thing, I decided I should back away and make new friends.

Then BAM, the teacher introduced us to a new girl. Her name is Dafina Nur binti Dzulhalim :)

We sticked together for the rest of grade 4 after that. We have totally different personalities, but I guess opposites do attract :D

Me loves you Dinaaa <3

Time really flies. A few months after that, I got to enter one class higher, 5 Arundina. That was great news, but the down side was, Dafina didn't get into the same class as mine.

In grade 5, I had to seperate with both of my besties. Imagine how hard it was for a 11 year old -.-

I was pretty scared. I'm a friendly person but I don't really like making new friends when I already have them. I had no choice, so I tried being as friendly as I can.

and this is when I met my 3rd Malaysian bestie.

Intan Syazana binti Idris.

Why did I become her friend? well because she's friendly and she's awesome in English. hehe :D she's also awesome in drawing. Intan, you're super duper talented! :D

okays, so we became inseparable. Wherever Intan is, Im with her. haha :D

Like I said, I got so many friends in this school.

I met my first Malaysian BoyBestie here too :D we were in the same class. Intan, him and I. he's not my first boybestie, that's Liam from KG. but he's more important :)

Haziq Shariffhuddin, comel kan dia? hehehe :D <3

Dia ni. super duper talented too. I can say almost all my besties were jst talented and awesomeee! :D he's good at singing, and whenever Intan and I fight, he'd be the one to get us to be friends again. Funshine! Saye sayang awak! :)

the final year of Elementary School: Grade 6.

More great news, I got to enter 6 Cordia, kelas first kottt hehehe :D

but, again, I had to leave my besties behind.

It wasn't so bad though. In that class, I got to be friends with Dina again :D and I got to be in the same class with Dania, even though she had a new bestie, Sarah. I was happy for her though, sbb dua2 mmg sesuai jdi kawan. both pretty and smart :)

Dina and I became super close. We were both crazy, but we still studied for the UPSRs. Im dying to go bck to those days!

and once again. I had to leave all my friends behind. Why? My dad got posted to Libya.

Dina asked me what I wanted before I went away. so I joked around and said "I want the world's biggest Teddy Bear!"

Guess what? She bought me one. It's not the world's largest ofcoz, but it's certainly large enough.

Dafina, thanks for everything! :) <3

*Say HI to Ms. Blanche. oh and give her a hug too. :P

To all the besties I've mentioned,

(Iknw, Ive said this already. but whatevs. I really do love yous) :)

oh and BTW, sorry for repeating words so much. I think I really need help in my vocab >.<

Part Two coming soooon :)