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Monday, May 6, 2013 | 6:37 AM | 0 Swiftlings

Hello! :D wow it's been awhile since I've updated my blog. Hehe sorry, I've been pretty busy since I'm in Form 5 now( still can't believe how time flies )
Guess what I should be doing right now?
Studying! But I got distracted, as usual hehehehe xD I'm also high on caffeine right now, ish2 I know it's bad, but it's the only thing tht can keep me up to study ( besides chocolate, but I'm running low on that right now ) anyone care to donate chocs to save me from getting high blood pressure and make me obese instead? ;D
Oh oh and! Guess how Im updating my blog right now? :3 using my Lumia hehehehe thanks Along ;D
Well, the main reason why I updated my blog is to wish my fellow form mates GOODLUCK for our MidTerm exams starting tomorrow especially to my dear WAWRIORS :D <3 (this is actually just an excuse for my procrastination :P) (as if anyone reads this) You guys are probably busy studying, which is what I should be doing too..... That's all for tonight. I'll probably update again in these 3 weeks if I get distracted(I hope I don't) but yeah, Goodluck goodnight goodbye ;) xo Farah