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Saturday, May 25, 2013 | 6:33 AM | 0 Swiftlings

Hi! :)
so how was your Saturday? Hope y'all had a better one than mine!
What did I do today? Well I had an addmaths class in the morning! *yawns* only a few "Smarties" n "Maltesers" were present.
(Smarties: what I call the students frm the smart class, Maltesers: my classmates)
it was fine. Sad that the person I hoped would be there today was absent though... Class would be alot more fun with that person. But oh well :(
Hm later on I had a maths class. Much better! Went crazy with YanaBams haha :D
So yeah, I had a pretty "slow" Saturday. The only fun part was getting to see my friends. Haha I think I'm already beginning to miss school! OMG haha okay that might be crazy talk.
I've been so emotional lately. Kinda bipolar. One minute, I'm happy, the next I'm sad n crying, later I'm jealous(oh and I blame that person for this) :P and then Im hyper.
I guess the exams have left an effect on my brain haha( yeah sure blame the exams for my abnormality )
Hoping Sunday would be much better! Might update out of boredom again tomorrow hehe.
Till then