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Thursday, May 30, 2013 | 5:05 PM | 0 Swiftlings
this was supposed to be posted on yesterday, but postponed due to bad weather :|]

Yeah, I know. I said I'd update my blog a few days ago, but I didn't. Hehe sorry! I guess I wasn't feeling bloggish xD

Sooo this entry is about yesterday's outing with my frenemie, Suriaaa! Also known as my neighbour hahahaha k xD

She invited me to go, and I didn't expect baba to approve, BUT HE DID! hehehe :D

Soooo my bros dropped us off in Alamanda at 10 something a.m. (early right?) and we were off to go have fun hehehe :D

At first, we went on a quest to find topup! Ohgosh so annoying, went to Maxis n Watson, but not available. So then we went to
Carefour(its called AeonBig now, ew!) anddds finally got to buy rm10 worth of topup(there goes half of my pocket money) (insert sad face here)

But anyway, afterwards we went to find Jiejaa! ('cuz this was originally her idea, she wanted to treat the ChoralSpeakingTeam some pizza! How very nice of her right? :D)

We found her, and she told us that the FastFurious movie is for 18+ agers(omg english aku haha ohmyenglish!) so sad! We really wanted to watch tht movie. (insert a crying emoticon here sob sob)
Watching a movie was out of the list, so we went to Parkson to search for my black n white dress for le PSS annual dinner. :D

While doing that, I bumped into kak Tatii! Haha I'm gonna be seeing her more often now, since she's gonna be a part of form 6 in our school :)

After a few minutes of catching up, I said goodbye to her, and Suria and I decided to get some icecream at McD. :D
McFlurraaayhhh! Me gusta :D

See le pic taken by Suria(on mah twittahhh!) :P

We were supposed to eat lunch after eating icecream(yep we eat dessert first, problem? :P) tapii rasa mcm dah kenyang, (N I was broke! *sobs) so we went to find Jaja n the geng. They were at PizzzaaaHut! Kitorng dgn muka tak malunyer joinla diaorng hahahaha okai. Dptla makan free soup n a slice of pizza! Hehe.

Oh right! Before that we bumped into (alot of bumping intos haha) a junior in our school(who was part of the CS Team) Afwan. I've never talked to her before, she's actually cool! :D

So after eating le pizza, Ja n CS team nak pi kareoke pulok! Apa lagi, join lerr hehehe.

Mula2 we bought a room for us three je, the CS kids a separate room(sb diaorng lmbt, pi beli CoolBlog dlu) nyanyi mcm org gila hahaha kitorng bertiga je kan :D pastu masa kitaorng dh hbs, sooo guess what we did? We went to their room pulak! And thats when the craziness happened. They were singing HeartAttack and everyone just sang along like cray! Hahaha :D and the nxt song, IKYWT!

OMG! okay so I went full cray, singing n awkward dancing and all! But then Jaja tiba2 emo lebih, she took the mic and sang dgn penuh dramaticnya hahahahahaa you need to see to know what I mean(and Farhah Keek-ed it hahahaha)

Lepas kareoke, Jaja nak beli donuts utk adik dia(kakakk mithali haha) soo we went to BigMango(as Jaja called it! ROFL!) okay now this part of the story is gonna be a bit sad... Why? Hm. I bumped into(bump lagi ishh) ugh HIM. K. No need to tell who. So le him wanted to watch movie with his family. Dia taktau Fast5 tu 18+ -_-

Dia follow kitorng smpai BigMango -_- sempat lagi ajak kitorng pergi 16 the next day, tapi taknaklaa(lagipun baba tkkn bagi) (biarlah dia date dgn Ls. eh.. hahah)

Oh and yer know who works at BigMango? Z. Tapi dah sombong skrg! Tak senyum pn. Tak belanja pun(ish tak hbs2 nak srh org belanja!) we tried to pujuk him to belanja movie(but ofcoz he wont..) follow dia turun dkt Rasa, (idk why we did that) on the escalator dia cakap kalau nak joinla dia n "kawan" dia (who is a girl) hari ahad ni -_-

Erh. Suria did most of the I HATE YOU part, I just kept quiet(kot) and ajak Suria balik :(
But then we realised tak ckp kat Jaja lg nak blk, so we went up again to say goodbye to her.

Naik je escalator tu, terus pi dkt Jaja n hug her. Jaja tnya, kenapa sedih, Suria explained for me.

Guess what Jaja did to cheer me up? :D

Jaja belanja Farah donuts! Yayyy! Hehe that definitely cheered me up. You know one is a good friend, when they're willing to do something to cheer up a sad friend. So thankyou dear Jaja :D <3

K lps dh belanja donuts, kitorng pi Chamelon to buy Suria's hair clip yg Jaja broke accidentally during kareoke.

On the way, (I still felt down actually) so I kept on repeating "SHE'S NOT EVEN PRETTY!) (padahal kau pun sama je Farah) sampai la Jaja n Suria marah hahaha I'm so annoying.

Pastu along call, which means kitorng kena balik.

And that was the end of our outing.

I still didn't find my black n white dress! Hmm :(

But overall, it was a bittersweet outing. It wouldn't have been bitter if he show'd up.. Hmph :(

Kenapa perlu sedih? Hm. Biarla dia nk klr dgn siapa pun kan? Ish. I care too much for people who don't care about me. It's always been like that, but I never learn from my mistake. Ugh. I hate myself!(here goes the emotionally unstable farah again)

betullah kata angah, in life we should just not give a fudge. 'cuz that when people actually start to care about us.

but when we give too much fudges? people just don't care about us as much as we care about them.

so moral of the story, just don't give a fudge about other people! (will keep that in mind myself)

Oh well..
It still made me happy for a short while, before I get home and crash bck to reality, back to becoming babysitter again.

Hoping I get to go out w Dina pulak. But she didn't answer my msg! Hmmm..

anyway, Have a good day everyone! Thanks for reading ;)

P.S oh sorry this is a long post with no pics. I cnt believe we didnt take pics much idk why! Hmm
P.P.S sorry this post is written in "rojak" language! Don't hate me!
P.P.P.P.S hahah you're still reading this? Hehe have a blessed Friday! :)