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belum tiba masa agaknyer?
Wednesday, December 4, 2013 | 6:39 AM | 0 Swiftlings
aik, mengapa blogpost title begitu?
masa apa? kahwin??? ohhh tidak! hahaha that is absurd.

so before I start le story of why my blogpost title is that, let me tell you about how my 2nd-day-since-SPM-ended went :P

I had le craziest day w my bestie, Dinaaa! :D

we didn't do anything unusual.. just went to watch CATCHING FIRE (OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO PEETAAAA?????) and ate lunch together.

there were several funny events that happened otw that involved random kiddos saying hi to us, and me responding "ewww plisslaaa!" hahahaha I swear that was totally spontaneous, felt bad afterwards hahaha

and bumped into other group of ppl who I knew hahaha

the best part had to be catching up session le Dina at McD, (since we have so much to tell each other)...

but later, we had nothing to do, soooooooo we went job hunting! (hence, my blogpost title)...

no luck! looks like the others are waay faster than us!

Its so sad scrolling down TL and seeing tweets saying "esok start kerja" and I'm still searching...

maybe I need to find somewhere other than that mall. I reeeeeeeeally want a job w Dina. I want to gain experience! (and money duhh)

srsly, nxt time we go part-time job hunting Imma show them I've potential. some way.
then maybe they won't see me as a "silly little kid" -I quote cik Ja :c

mungkin blm tiba masa. mungkin.
doakan saya yer. Im feeling rather dissapointed, but I haven't lost hope. still got time right??

#optimism :)

sorry(I've no idea why and who Im apologizing to lol, possibly my blog readers if there are any) cnt post any pics since its all in my phone >,< maybe later I'll post another :P

wish me luck.