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of birthday, new year and new beginnings!
Wednesday, January 1, 2014 | 8:07 AM | 0 Swiftlings
assalamualaikum and good day! hehehe
oh gosh, its been awhile since I've updated! haha sorry. I'm not much of a sit-infron-of-the-laptop-and-type-a-blogpost kind of person anymore :p
so why am I updating it now?
well. it's because.... a couple of awesome things happened this month and I just had to blog it! hehehe :D brace yourself, its gonna be a very long blogost xD

picking up where I left off, about the job.
well... after that outing with Dina, we really didn't want to give up.. so we went for another jobhunting session! and............. it was worth it!

its like killing two birds with one stone (oh gosh, since when do I use proverbs? hahaha I don't even use em in my SPM essay! :p )

I got to watch The Hobbit with Dina, and.......................... applied for tons of jobs in Alamanda!
we filled up forms and left our names and number etc etc.

just before we decided to stop, we went to the last place hoping to get some good news. and guess what? we did!
alhamdullilah! haha that aunty wanted to hire us immediately, but Dina and I weren't available til this month! and she agreed to wait :D

I was so excited! getting my first job, with my bestfriend!!!
but then... she said she didn't want the job... I have to admit, this broke my heart. if I didn't love her so much. I would've been so sulky. but all I said was "ohh... its okayy..." :(

afterwards... was the part when my family and I went to Penang to visit Cik Aman and his family!
got to meet with Athirah! yayyy! (after endless conversations on the phone, this is still very precious!) oh how much they've changed since I've seen them the last time (which was hmmm 2years ago kot!)
Aina is taller now and going to grade school this year! Sufi has landak punk hair hahaha and Athirah, well not much change, just the good old Athirah I knew before :)
I just love spending time with them. there's this hard-to-explain warm feeling in the heart.
oh and we went to Cik Laili's house too!

let's just say there were family-bonding moments during that visit to Penang :)

from Penang, we went to Taiping. oh I've missed this rainy place.
Fast forward, parents and along went back to Putrajaya. I stayed for the sake of my beloved Cik Ja.

a week later, I came home to Putrajaya.
and here comes the birthday part! hehehe

something really funny happened a day before my birthday. I tweeted a pic of my early birthday cake that Cik Ja bought for me. and some of my friends thought it was already my birthday! hahah I even got a birthday call from mahhh niggah!
that made me smile! hehehe and it wasn't even my birthday yet :D

on my real birthday, I went out with my beloved Wawriors. and I have to say, this year's birthday is so close to perfection! it'd be perfect if angah was here :(

so what did we do actually?
all the fun stuff in Alamanda. except the movie cinema :p

at first, this was supposed to be an all-girls outing, planned by dear Yanakins.

but when Hannah and I went window-shopping while waiting for the other girls to arrive, we bumped into Salmon and he decided to join us, and invite mahhh niggah along :D

we went to token(thats what we call the game place! haha!) kareoke and bowling.
all a treat for me. how very sweet of my girls right? hehe :D (thank youu!!! love u girls!)
the guys didn't treat me anything though. just sang a birthday song (yet this is very precious hahahahah gosh I wish I had a vid of mah niggahs singing! xD )

spending time with them makes me very happy!
oh and the awesomeness didn't stop there.

after we parted goodbye, mama, baba n along decided to buy me a cake for celebration at home. ahh my dear thoughtful family! <3

I felt so loved and blessed! I can't thank you all enough for making this year's birthday so special! :')

I was truly enchanted to meet you, Wawriors. and I am blessed to have a loving family. alhamdullilah. :')

now, its officially a day after my birthday. which means, its 2014!! woot woot!

so how did I spend the first day of 2014? I spent it with my family, buying clothes for my work uniform cuz I'll be starting tomorrow! :D

mixed-feelings here! I'm excited, yet I'm nervous. wish me luck!

that's the end to this very long post hehe thank you for reading, (if there is anyone reading this)