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Monday, January 6, 2014 | 8:35 AM | 1 Swiftlings

I've been distracted and lost all my ideas for this blogpost. but here goes.

I've officially started my job. got new friends, Aifa and Hasanah, same age as me! these two are the reason I actually have the spirit to go through work. thank you Allah for meeting me with them! <3

since I've lost all the good things I wanted to type that were in my head, this blogpost is going to be a bit short.

maybe I'll post one later, complete with pics of my workmates! :D

Mondays is my day off from now on. NO MORE MONDAY BLUES! YAYYY!

tomorrow will be my fifth day of work insyaAllah. this time my "boss" won't be around to help me out. my "other boss" (who is a strict looking guy btw!) is going to be monitoring me. I'm terrified. wish me luck!

I've learned how to search for the shoes. I hope I don't mess up tomorrow.

more abt it soon!