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Wednesday, October 22, 2014 | 2:35 AM | 0 Swiftlings
okay. so, hi. hahah
It's been months since my last post.
I am so guilty of not updating my blog, even when I said I would................................. as usual hehe :p and this blogpost is actually urged by LiyanaMysara~~~~ :p
I guess I'll just let the picture do the talking. okay? okay.

starting from months ago, when I said I'd update about my "colleagues" xD until my current form 6 days ^__^

Parkson. License. Form 6. Raya @ Putrajaya.
so yeah. those pics are pretty much what happened the past few months.

here's a little story to it, (which I will elaborate in other blogposts soon. maybe. idk hahahaha!)
so I ended my job at the shoe department. gosh I miss the friends I met there, it was such an interesting experience!

afterwards, I took classes for my driving license. oh my. this was just, wow. tiring.hahaha but worth it I guess? :D

and then the SPM results were out.... not excellent but it's alright... applied to many Unis,but got into none. hey thanks UPU :/(let me tell you,this hurted worse than any bones or heartbreaking moments ever. like seriously.I felt so down for weeks!)

but then I got back up. (had to. can't keep on moping around yeah? no use crying over spilled milk)

and applied for form 6! never thought I'd be going back to school again, but here I am. same environment, new friends (still kept in touch with my Wawrior buds and ofcoz bestie Dinaaa!) ^__^ and new syllabus. just finished my 2nd trials. about to take my sem 1 exams on 17/11 (wish me luckkk!!)

looks like I'm gonna need to write alot of "throwback" posts hahaha! well I will, hopefully, since my laptop is now fixed (yay thanks angah hehe)

til then~~~ :D