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otw to braceface part one
Sunday, July 3, 2016 | 8:27 AM | 0 Swiftlings
continuing from the last post:

*first appointment*
on the 13th of June, baba and mama acompanied me to go to the clinic in Presint 18.

baba being baba, plus the fact that we live half an hour away frm the clinic, we arrived there and was about 1 hour early from the appointment time

which meant more waiting for me

me being the nervous wreck thinking THIS IS IT I'M GONNA BE BRACEFACE HAHAHA feeling naseous, light headed, excited to see le dentist hahaha


aaaand when they called my name I put on a brave face and just went in.

a nice looking man came in, who is my doc, inspected my teeth and said some alien words for the nurse to jot down,
and when he finished inspecting, he and the nurse explained to me the procedures of the whole thing.

which includes:
the payment,since I'm over 18 and not covered by baba's GL anymore *sigh
me needing an xray
which might reveal me in need of teeth extractions
how its not gonna be done before raya *sigh
how it is indeed gonna hurt pffft (and I thought I WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS, BRING IT ON!)

so it turns out, eventhough they took an xray of my teeth before and I waited 5 years, I still have to go through alot of appointments to get to the getting braces part.

SO the nurse told me to get an appointment for an xray, conducted at le hospital. aaaand the fastest apptment was the week after *sigh

yeah.I kinda got overly excited thinking everything could be done in a week hahahaha!

*20.6.16* *le xray day*

xrays are so boring hahaha okay I;m sorry. I went to le hosp and wore that heavy anti-exposure vest (I made that name up, but maybe that is what its called) bit into that metal thingy aaaaand its done.

after I got the x-ray film, I called the clinic again for an apptmnt, to which they gave me my latest appointment, the week after.

2nd dental appointment
this time I wasn't too nervous cuz I thought it'd just be another 10minute appointment. oho, I was soooo wrong.

I got in, and this time it's a diff doc, a woman, AND OH SHES SO FAMILIAR SHES THAT ONE REALLY TOUGH DOC I MET BACK IN 2010 I THINK OMG
the doc was there asking me to lay on that dental chair thingy.
she looked at my xray and made a guess on which teeth had to be extracted
And she barely gave me an explanation on why I had to make my lips close like normal,
I said okay, but I didnt ask why.

turns out, they were taking a mold of my teeth.
and she asked me to open wiiiiiiide and shoved the metal plus clay thing at first for my upper teeth, then lower.

since it's ramadhan, my lips were pretty chapped. oho I think she almost ripped my lips apart when she shoved that metal into my mouth!

but hey I asked for this to happen, so redha je la,
and then the former doc came in. hes the specialist. so the woman doc told her predictions and the specialist told her which ones were to be extracted...

they also said something abt surgery! because my gigi susu bongsu whatever they called it, tak tumbuh lagi. she gave me an option to do a surgery, including to extract the other four teeth they mentioned. honestly, I rather not go thru that, and the specialist even said its not necessary now, soooooooooo no surgery for me*phew


the nurse told me I could get my teeth extracted right away, which I said OKAY I'LL DO IT! bcs I really wanna get this process over with fast,

I had to register again. and the process took about 10mins,
aaaand my name was called.

shhhiiit the nervousness came back hahaha but alhamdullilah, I got a super kind dentist, unlike the one that shoved that mold thingy into my mouth.

she talked to me in the kindest tone of voice and explained to me that I could get two extractions done at once. which I agreed to, bcs she is so nice! and it lessened my anxiety

so she told me to relax, and she injected the anaesthesia into my gums and palate.

had to wait outside for about 5mins til the numbness to kick in.
when it did, it was time for her to get my teeeeth out!

it was suprisingly painless, just a bit ngilu. like getting a tough nail out of something........... I could feel my teeth being wriggled out.

aaaaaaaaaand the blood poured out. didn't stop til later that night *cries
but the doc suppplied me with PCM, just incase the pain kicks in.

alhamdullilah, not too much pain. just denyut2 gitu. and I couldn't really eat properly cuz damnit I don't have teeth huwaaaaaaaaa and my gumhole became like a vacuum, sucking in food. which was extremely uncomfortable.

day 2 post-extraction: I'm doing alright. just occasional denyut2 other than that I'm okay ayyye!

I'm thinking of getting the other two out on Thursday.

update: 1/7/16

so I ended up taking the other two out three days later wuuuu
I had a horrible tummyache that morning, not frm nervousness bcs I was all redha, I think it was something I ate.
anyway, this time it was a Chinese dentist. she was really uptight. she asked me to open my mouth and I went "AAAAA" which ppl normally do, but she thought I said "ouch" and you know wht she said to me?
AMBOIIII, geram jugak la. nasib baik half of my face was numb from the anaesthesia. or I would've said something mean back! just because I seem young, you decide to treat me awfully like that? where are your manners as a professional dentist?

mood pagi tu walaupun dengan tummyache, fikirkan dia tolong kita. she is pregnant, and she probably had to stand in for the malay dentist, so I forgive her rudeness.
she did say "have a nice day"after I said thank you after the tooth extraction though. so okay, not too mad anymore.

I did become a bit paranoid tho, I thought she took out my fang, (I peaked and saw the tooth on the toothextractor thingy) I freaked out. because only one of my tooth from the left side of my teeth had to be taken out, not two! (okay silly paranoia, I know) I even asked my dental assistant friend about it, to which I also asked if the dentist had always been that way. she told me yeaah she is, but what kinda annoyed me was my so called friend assumed she was angry at me for not taking care of my teeth. (she mentioned "since you got to go through extraction, Im guessing you didnt take good care of yours, hence her attitude")

another point to make me pissed off. gurrrrl, before you make assumptions, condescending ones too, why don't you try ASKING FIRST? -,-

since this is the 2nd time of my tooth extraction experience, I wasn't too afraid to change the soaked gauze, and even drink some coldwater and had some vanilla icecream to make the bleeding stop. it kinda worked.

something that's bothering me though: my lip kinda got swollen, idk why but it seems like there's a stab mark on it. maybe there was an accident during the procedure, idk but its really uncomfortable. I tried putting ice on it, relieved a bit of pain.

it's been a few days since that, and now I just feel slightly uncomfortable since I can't eat much without clogging my gumholes. I really need to be patient and hope that it heals soon.

anywaaaaaaaay, my next appointment is sometime around mid September since I can't come back here anytime sooner. I think there's about 2 or three more appointments til the actualbraces part *sigh* :(

til then, thank you for reading my awfully long post!

P.S I'm sorry for the lack of pictures, despite having a camera phone I often forget to take the good pics when I;m in pain xD