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5 down, one more to go.
Monday, June 12, 2017 | 5:52 PM | 0 Swiftlings
Currently typing away on my phone, bcs my laptops screen decided to blackout on me and angah took it to repairs (shh dont tell baba)

I have a dental apptmnt in a bit and im still nervous af bcs the dentist is always angry at me bcs
A. I usually have breakfast before I go and even if I brush afterwards some particles manage to get stuck and found by the dentist ugh
B. I can't make it to earlier appointments because of my clinical postings
C.shes just a mean person in general pfft

Just had water for sahur so no particles stuck hopefully! I'd be HANGRY by afternoon but I'll just sleep it off lol

Also its sem break yay!
Can't believe I'm done with sem5. But honestly Im so sooo over sem5. It's been a rough journey (but honestly its never been easy these whole 2 years and half)

I'll give you a hint: the keyword to this sem was KECAM.

Yep. I'll let you think the rest.
Might update in deets about what I learned this sem kalau rajin (and y'all know I usually am not rajin haha!)
But gotta say my fave was my PSY posting 💃💃💃💃 been joking around w baba about HBUK, didnt think I get to experience it in real but wow I did hahaha! Gotta say tho, sometimes people with PSY probs are much cooler than people who claim to be normal but deep down have mental issues kecam-ing people*** ehh sorry bulan puasa xle nak cite lebih

Shout out to Mira Ahmad: thanks for making life less miserable during clinical postings lol love you my smarter partner😂

And ofcourse my two sisters frm another mother+father: Syira and Kartiga. kskb would suck without you two.

But alhamdulillah I MADE IT THRU SEM 5 HAHA just 6more months to go inshaAllah
Wondering what other challenges these last 6months gonna bring, but whatever it is BRING IT ON!

I will face it and make it through inshaAllah💪💪💪💪💪
Til then. Have a good ramadhan😘